Affiliate Marketing Overview

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Affiliate marketing is not that much different than when you send a buyer or seller to Real Estate Professional in another city and get paid a referral fee.

When you send a person to United States Referral™ and they sign up as a Member, it would only seem fair that you get credited for your efforts.

As an Affiliate, you get paid 20% when you have a person sign up and become a United States Referral™ Member.

You might ask; why would we do this?

The reason we benefit when we collectively bring in strong active Members, is that we significantly increase the chances of earning referral fees from our Real Estate business.

Getting new Members to sign up is easy, as an Affiliate you get your own personal tracking links that you can copy and paste into your e-mail. These links track the people that you introduce to the system ensuring that you get the credit.

We also have tracking buttons that you can put on your web page, so that you can send people to your site when you direct them to United States Referral™. You benefit because you get to indirectly promote yourself.

Check out the payment schedule and you will see that you can earn Affiliate commissions from several products in the SellingToolz Ltd. product line.

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